If you are interested in developing yourself and/or society, feel an urge to discuss a specific topic and wants to likeminded, maybe have ideas on how to improve issues related to your community or just want to hang out in a safe and relaxed environment – please come and talk to us at Novi Ritm. Here the distance between new ideas and actions is short. You come up with the idea, we listen – and together we make it happen!

What we can offer you:

  • A safe and relaxed atmosphere 

  • A place to share ideas on equal terms and in a friendly environment.

  • Meeting new people who might be interested in the same issues as you.

  • A chance to develop personally as well as professionally.

  • To experience working with social issues and deepening you knowledge in thematic areas.

  • To learn about methods and techniques used within NGO’s.

  • A chance to develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

  • An opportunity to develop and realize your own ideas and initiatives.

Join our activity groups 

One way to become involved in Novi Ritm is to join or start an initiative. You can find out more about the ones that are currently running here or by contacting us.

The easiest way to get involved is to come to our office and talk to us. Some of the activities are free to participate in without any specific agreements, while running or co-running your own activities or group requires that you’ll become a member.