Volunteer program in public union “Novi Ritm” is designed for young people from 14-28 years old . 

We welcome all young people who adhere to the principles of human rights, democracy, who wants to make their contribution to positive changes in society. Our volunteers have a great opportunity to expand their worldview, discover new horizons and try new and interesting directions. They learn about human rights, gender equality, how conflicts can be prevented and why it is so important to get out of their comfort zone. Our volunteers are also trained in public speaking, creating social projects, after which they have the opportunity to implement their initiatives on human rights.Besides  educational sessions, our volunteers have motivational meetings with successful young guys. In our volunteers we see our future cadres and when their volunteer work is over, our volunteers can apply for a job to our organization if there are  free vacant positions .

A little bit about the history of the volunteer program.

The volunteer program in New Rhythm started since the opening of our organization in 2014. For all its history we had 7 cycles. Alumnus  of all cycles of our volunteer program became successful young guys, and some of them managed to become part of the staff team and ran for the presidency of the board.