The information campaign against street harassment, which was officially titled  as “Gender norms and street harassment”, was implemented in the period from September to January 2019. 

The aim of the information campaign was to raise public awareness about street harassment  regarding girls and women in Osh city.

*Street Harassment is a form of sexual harassment that occurs in a public place ,i.e. on the street or in a cafe on public transport or during a taxi ride. It is a seemingly petty remark about a figure, length of skirt, booing, disturbance of personal space – touching, pawing, physical abuse and persecution .  You can watch video about street harassment here:  

As a part of the campaign, a two-day information seminar was held with the participation of young people, representatives of law enforcement agencies and the Osh city council, 4 information videos were created and distributed, 2 social experiments were conducted, and an information brochure was created.

This campaign was our organization’s second initiative  dealing with street harassment. Thus, in the fall of 2015, the first “Tell Stop to Stop Street Harassment” campaign was implemented and won the “Best Campaign of Youth and Women” nomination was  from Saferworld.

Read more about two campaigns here: