In November-December 2017, Novi Ritm implemented the information campaign “Tolerance – freedom to be different”, which was supported by Saferworld International Organization and the Foundation for International Tolerance. 

The aim of the campaign was to increase the level of tolerance among young people from 14 to 28 years old   in southern Kyrgyzstan. 

Our message was that we the young people of Kyrgyzstan, wanted and want to see a tolerant society where we will respect the rights and interests of every member of society regardless of his/her gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, geographic location, and that the main institutions as LSGBs, POs, NGOs and young people will make every possible effort to effectively perform their work and create a society where the rights of each of us will be respected. 

As the  part of the campaign three events were held :

1.Awareness raising meeting with key persons to address the problem of intolerance; 

2.School of tolerance; 

3.Cultural fair.

At the introductory meeting were discussed the issues of understanding tolerance, the reasons of intolerant attitude among the youth and the whole population in general.

The School of Tolerance, a four-day camp, became truly one of the bright and memorable camps, as it was accompanied by a large flow of new information, constant discussions and debates. At the school, young people attended sessions on the introduction to human rights, types and forms of discrimination, on national and international instruments protecting human rights, including the “Declaration of Principles on Tolerance” adopted by the UNESCO General Conference on 16 November 1995.

The end of the campaign was marked by a festival of cultures among the participants, where they divided among themselves  different countries and told about their history, culture and interesting facts. 

Thus, the information campaign gave a great impetus to the promotion of the idea of tolerance in the south of Kyrgyzstan, and after its completion by the school participants  was conducted a small study of the level of tolerance of Osh city residents and Kyrgyzstan in general.