Street Harassment Campaign in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Information campaign against Street Harassment  has been implemented by the PU “Novi Ritm” with support of the international organization SAFERWORLD and non-governmental organization FTI. The main goal of the campaign was to increase/improve trust between local police and population.
During the four-months-campaign there were arranged different kinds of activities where participants had a chance to get more infomation about the issue of Street Harassment and about the situation of this problem in Kyrgyzstan.
There were arranged:
1. Trainings on the issue of Street Harassment , where there were invited two local officers who informed participants about the laws concerning the highlighted issue. They also recomended what to do in the case of the street harassment or violence, where to go and whom to ask for help.
2. Workshops on comics in order to understand the problem of Street Harassment and Street Violence through pictures.
3. Self-defense trainings where participants learnt how to protect themselves by training particular exercises without the use of the Cold Weapons.
4. There was also conducted a radio broadcast concerning the information campaign where there was discussed the issue of Street Harassment.
5. There was created a social video about harassment and violence within the information campaign.
The video is available on Youtube:…
6. There was organized a special event at one of the local theaters “Semetey” where there were demonstrated :
1. Self-defense book
2. Exhibition of comics
3. Forum-theaters in order to show the problem of Street Harassment through acting
4. Flashmob
5. Speeches of the local officers and representatives of Youth Centers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the issue of Street Harassment.
“ We had many difficulties during the implementation of this information campaign. We just want to create a save and free society where all people despite its gender could walk freely, without any fear. We want people to be aware of the issues connected to Street Harassment”-says one of the representatives of the PU “Novi Ritm”.
More than 400 people took part in the information campaign against harassment and violence in public places. Moslty they were the students of the Osh State University, Osh Technical University and students from different schools.

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