Наш Дом

Novi Ritm has “Our House” – a place where young people can get together to discuss issues that are important for them and for the society. Our House is the place where we have most of our activities and events, such as different workshops, meetings, trainings that are all open for everyone regardless of nationality, religion or political point of view. The idea of Our House is to provide a place with a good atmosphere for discussions, a place where youth can learn about different subjects and develop their own opinions, thoughts and dreams.

If young people have an idea or special interest and wish to start a group, the group is welcome to be at Our House! Examples of groups that we have now include “Girls’ Club” – where young women meet and discuss different issues related to being a woman in Kyrgyzstan today; “Conflict Prevention Group” – young people work together to prevent conflicts, learn and create tools for analyzing, preventing conflicts; and “Reading Circle”, where participants from different backgrounds read articles and shorter books about relevant subjects.

Novi Ritm also have events and campaigns within the focus areas of the organization. Previous events and campaigns include: the three days event “Youth UNiTE”, to end violence against women and girls; “Girl’s Camp”, on human rights and women’s rights, and gender equality; and the “Human Right Days” that treated different aspects of Human Rights.

Do you have any ideas that you find useful for our society? Come to Novi Ritm and we will help you to turn your ideas into reality at Our House!