Novi Ritm is continuously working on developing a broad network of organizations and groups that we collaborate with. From long-term partnerships with organizations giving us grants, to short term collaborators for certain events – these are collaborations that we deeply value. Please see below for a short presentation of the more significant collaborations.

We also thank our other collaborators- the individuals and organizations that have supported with speeches, shorter trainings or seminars, even though they are not mentioned by name. Novi Ritm accepts this support as the way of exchanging knowledge and experience, and we hope that this support and contact between various organizations will continue, in order to share skills and experience and develop together. 

Centralasiengrupperna, (Central Asia Groups of solidarity – CAG) – Sweden

CAG has been a close supporter of Novi Ritm since the start of the organization. CAG has been a particularly active partner in establishing Our House, and support Novi Ritm in various fields, e.g. financially and with capacity building within their common thematic areas. CAG and NR has also co-organized various exchange projects, training courses and activist residencies in Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Tajikistan and Turkey.

More info about Centralasiengrupperna: here.  

For Novi Ritm, women’s rights and the situation for girls and women in Kyrgyzstan are some of the key issues. UN Women is therefore a valuable contact and supporter. One example was the support in terms of funding and guest speakers during the Novi Ritm event “Youth UNiTE” (a part of the UN 16 day campaign “UNiTE to End Violence Against Women”) in December 2014. They financially support our 16-day UN campaigns to end violence against girls and women. Also Novi Ritm provides training on self defence for staff of UN.  

More info about UN Women here.


Novi Ritm and SAFERWORLD became partners in July 2015 when Novi Ritm got support from SAFERWORLD to organize a four-months-campaign against Street Harassment during autumn 2015. The campaign includes different kinds of meetings, trainings and workshops in order to highlight the problem of Street Harassment in our society. Since then we have been collaborating in implementing information campaigns on women’s rights and tolerance. 

More information about SAFERWORLD here.

Prague Civil Society Center – Czech Republic

Novi Ritm and PSCC became partners in 2019 when Novi Ritm received a grant for the implementation of social entrepreneurship, and we have opened a social coffee shop for the youth of Osh city in order to provide young people with a platform for self-development and a pleasant pastime among activists with a cup of coffee or tea. 

More information about PCSC – here 


For the Novi Ritm, as a youth organization with feminist principles, it is important to be part of a global feminist network, which is the FFIDA youth feminist foundation. We started our partnership in 2018, when we first applied the project and received a grant from the fund. Now under the Novi Ritm, there is an initiative group – kyrg. Feministter (eng. Feminists), which implements several projects/programs funded by the FRIDA Foundation.

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