Novi Ritm is centered around a joint Activity House and office – a place where young people can get together to discuss, exchange ideas and develop their leadership- and team working skills. Our house is also the place where we conduct most of our activities and events; such as different workshops, meetings and trainings. Furthermore it’s the meeting place for all of our Activity Groups as well as the headquarters for our two runnings projects: the Forum Syd Project and the UNSCR 1325 project.
The idea of Our House is to be place that is open for anyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity religion or political standpoint. The aim is to create a place with a good atmosphere that feels safe and relaxing – a place for exchanging ideas, where youth can learn new skills and develop their knowledge within certain thematic areas.

Activity Groups at Our House

If you are interested in developing an idea or have a special interest and wish to start a group – please contact us! The easiest way to get more information about running groups and how to join us is by following Our House on Facebook.
Most groups are closed – meaning that they only accept new members during the first few weeks of starting up their activities. Groups are lead by young volunteers and usually runs for about 10-12 weeks, during which members meet on a regular basis to discuss different thematic topics, maybe plan a bigger event – for instance a conference highlighting some kind of social issue – or just watch a movie together. Once a group has finished it might or might not be restarted by new members. The whole concept is based on a “training of trainers” methodology, where young people teach each other by facilitating and leading groups and discussions, generating new, engaged members who, once their group finishes, can start their own groups or continue the work of the old group.

Running groups: Spring 2017

  • English Movie Club – every Monday at 16.00 (This one is open for anyone who wants to join – more information on the movie schedule here. We watch a movie together and discuss it afterwards.
  • Environmental Club – every Wednesday (This is a closed group)
  • Business Skills Group – every Wednesday (This is a closed group)
  • Girls Group Alumni – every Thursday (This is a closed group)

Just finished groups:

  • Girls Group
  • Young Debaters Club

Previous Groups:

  • Comics Group
  • Conflict Prevention Group
  • Reading Circle
If you are interested in starting a new group or restarting one of our old groups.