New Volunteers from Sweden!

Novi Ritm has gotten a new addition to the team: Isabelle and Josefin from Sweden!

Isabelle comes from a small conservative town in the Southern part of Sweden. She started to engage in different social issues at the age of 13, ranging from environmental questions to gender inequality. Now 25 years old, she has a background in teaching, drama pedagogics and working img_5788with young women in Sweden. This year, she graduated from Malmö University in June and now has a Bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies – a broad interdisciplinary program relating to Human Rights, International Relations and Conflict Management. She loves traveling and has visited different countries as a tourist, as a student and to conduct minor field studies. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, read and meet friends. Currently, she speaks Swedish and English, and understands Spanish and Italian, but she would like to learn several more languages! So during her stay here in Kyrgyzstan she is aiming to learn Russian – hopefully it will go well!

Josefin grew up in a middle-sized town in Sweden and was always interested in society, and little by little she started to wonder why the world was so different for boys and girls. She felt like the only one in her town who thought about these inequalities between boys and girls, men and img_5773women, but when she was 17, she found some other young people with similar ideas. Together they created a platform for young people interested in gender equality who started to discuss, support each other and try to impact their community. Now Josefin is 24 and has a degree in political science, economics and gender studies. She has also studied in France and Turkey, worked in the Swedish government and in a school. Through all this time, she has been motivated by the same idea that she had when she was 17: We are all born equal and we should work for a society which respects and includes everyone!

Now, they will be working here at Novi Ritm in Osh where they hope to support youth in their work towards a more inclusive and equal community – because every individual is important, no matter their age, gender or ethnicity!

Welcome to Novi Ritm and we hope to have 4 wonderful months together!

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