Information about Membership at Novi Ritm

  1. Membership at Novi Ritm is voluntary;

  2. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, other states and stateless persons who share the values, goals and objectives of the association may become members of the organization;

  3. There are no restrictions for joining organization;

  4. The decision on joining organization is made by the Chairperson of the Board of the organization based on the application of the candidate;

  5. Membership can be withdrawn at the willing request of the member; In this case, a written statement is directed to the Chairperson of the organization including the reasons for withdrawal from membership. The decision on the application is make within 3 days from the date of receipt;

  6. A member may be expelled from his ranks for violation, failure to fulfill basic duties or committing an act contrary to the values ​​of the organization. The decision on exclusion makes by the Chairperson with subsequent approval at the general meeting of members of the organization.

Rights of  members:

  • Members have equal rights and perform equal duties;

  • Members  have the right to participate in the activities of the organization in accordance with this charter;

  • Appoint their representatives among the members to participate in the activities of the organization;

  • Receive information about activities of the organization in the manner prescribed by the general meeting;

Obligations of the members of the association:

  • Follow the goals and objectives of the organization and actively participate in their achievement;

  •  Not disclose confidential information about the activities of the organization if this interferes with the objectives of the association;

  • Pay membership fees, the amount of which is 100 soms per year;

  • Members opposing the goals or harmful to the activities of the organization may be expelled by decision of the Board.

Exclaimed gets the opportunity to speak out within seven days after he/she was informed of his/her departure.