Dear friends! 

We have prepared for you a brief overview of the educational camp for girls “Yes, I am a Leader!”, which was held from September 26 to 29, 2019 in Osh *.

Applications for participation in the camp hit all the records of our organization – we have received more than 650 applications from all regions of the country and neighboring countries. After a thorough analysis, long debate, we finally decided on 25 girls who became participants in our camp.

Educational camp “Yes, I am a leader!” –  is a platform that promotes the development of leadership qualities and skills of girls, increase their knowledge in the field of human rights, gender equality, reproductive health and much more. This is an opportunity to talk on equal terms with very cool and strong speakers and trainers.

The first day of the camp was remembered by our acquaintance with the participants (the most exciting and crucial moment ^ _ ^). We talked about who we are and what horizons we will need to conquer together over the next three days.


After that, we passed the speech to Madina Salaydinova and Cholpon Badysheva, who shared their knowledge of human rights with girls, talked about forms of discrimination and jointly developed several ideas that would help to prevent discrimination.

Toward evening, the girls had the opportunity to ask all their questions to trainers on gender and gender  equality – Khurshida Rasakhodzhaeva  and Nargiza Isakova.

After dinner, the participants were waiting for a session from our psychologist who talked with the girls about self-esteem. And finally, with a slight pleasant fatigue, everyone went to bed.

“However, the best camp I have been to! I learned a lot of new things that opened my eyes and turned my world upside down! ”

The second day began with an invigorating morning exercise that our beautiful Eleonora Suyunbaeva spent all days on. After breakfast, a session on reproductive health awaited us from Adele Omorova. The session was a real shock and an important discovery for girls.

After lunch, Aygerim Shukurbekova took the baton of the coolest trainers, sharing with girls the secrets of public speaking, constructing a reasoned speech and giving recommendations on how to win the debate.

Further, our friend Arykova Venera held a motivational meeting with the participants and spoke about her experience in participating in the Erasmus + and SUSI exchange programs.

After dinner, we were expected to watch the historical drama “The Mona Lisa Smile”, telling about the difficult struggle of the young history teacher with the established patriarchal norms of the college. On such an exciting and motivational note, we completed the second day.

Morning of the third day – exercise and delicious breakfast.

After a few fun awakening games, we passed the word to Meerím Nurlanbékova, a wonderful leadership trainer who inspired the girls to move forward towards their goals and gave us books from Altyn Kapalova.

In the continuation of the Meerim session, the girls and I plunged into the stories of the great women leaders who made a huge contribution to the development of ours today.

Saltanat Boronbaeva then talked with the girls about emotional intelligence.

Yoga helped the girls feel the lightness and new surge of strength – the session of our EVS volunteer from Sweden Kathrin Svanberg. For that we are very grateful to her.

And then, Aisuluu Askarbekova  told the girls about the acceptance of themselves and why body-positivity has become a global trend.

It was time for dinner and after, watching the wonderful painting “The Iron Lady,” about the decisive, adamant, and outstanding Margaret Thatcher.

The final day of the camp was remembered by us as a day of new acquaintances and huge flows of motivation not only for our girls, but also for guests. In the morning we had a lively conversation with Avazkan Ormonova, who is a deputy of the local government, an activist and promotes the rights and interests of women at the national level.

And towards noon, we were awaiting the completion ceremony of the camp and #LeadersTalks.

#LeadersTalks is a unique friendly platform for discussing Women’s Leadership from several aspects. The first speaker was Aisuluu Zholdoshova, an activist and graduate of several educational programs and the organizer of the first exhibition in Kyrgyzstan, “What I was wearing.”

“What I was wearing” is a powerful emotional format of the exhibition, where the exhibits are clothes that were on the victims of sexual violence at that moment.

Further, the deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh – Elvira Surabaldieva  spoke, who shared her personal experience of becoming a deputy and told what challenges she has to face today. The almost hour-long conversation gave the participants of the event an opportunity to ask all their questions and receive valuable instructions.

Further, we passed the word to one of the most visible human rights activists and activists – Rita Karasartova, who, among other things, ran for the presidency of the country! Rita shared with the participants in the meeting notes made by her at various stages of her life.

The event was held in a super cozy and sisterly atmosphere, for which we are very grateful to all our speakers.

After the closing ceremony of the camp and the presentation of small gifts, we continued our conversation already over a cup of coffee.

On such a warm note, we had to say goodbye to our girls and send them on a new journey.

We sincerely believe that you will succeed! You are the real leader! Keep going forward, reach new heights and remember that we are united by much more than this camp. We are together!

* The project “Ooba, Lidermin” is sponsored by U.S. Embassy Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic and is administered by the American Councils for International Education Kyrgyzstan in partnership with the New Rhythm NGO.