The project “Ensuring the right to protection of the rights of young people in southern Kyrgyzstan”, implemented jointly with the Central Asian solidarity groups, aims to ensure that the rights of young people in southern Kyrgyzstan, namely the city of Osh, recognized and respected by eliminating discriminatory social norms. 

The project is being implemented from February 2019 to the present time and has three main directions: 

1.Enhancing the personal and political capacities of girls and young women; 

2.Realization of the Street Law program;

3.Cooperating work with decision makers and institutions and civil society organizations. 

Under the first direction, the organization implements the third cycle of the self-realization group for girls, develops plans for information/advocacy campaigns and provides free legal and psychological counseling.  

Within the framework of the second direction, in autumn 2019, for humanitarian students was organized a three-day camp , where young people  studied the basics of human rights and implemented their initiatives by finishing 

In the third direction, a three-day educational seminar was held. And it is planning to conduct trainings for the above groups. 

Thus, the significance of the project today lies in the fact that it supports in every possible way the initiatives of young people who intend to change the discriminatory social system that has been in place for decades. So if you have ideas and would like to implement them, write to us.