In 2014 Novi Ritm was granted money from Forum Syd to work on a project aiming at strengthening young voluntary leaders in Southern Kyrgyzstan and contribute to the development of a long-term platform for engagement amongst young people (where they can bring forth democratic initiatives). The expected results of the project, which after two successful years was renewed for a second two year period, is to increase young people’s skills in conflict resolution (or management), knowledge about their democratic rights and issues of gender/equality. Furthermore young people will have developed a greater will to get involved in society (or their community). As an organization Novi Ritm provides a platform for youth that will enable them to develop their own initiative in order to affect their everyday lives and various local community/societal problems. 

The project is planned and conducted through three different sub-goals:

1. Strengthen the capacity of Novi Ritm to enable the operation of a long-term inclusive platform for young people’s engagement in democratic initiatives in and around Osh.

2. Develop a long-term platform of engagement for democratic initiatives amongst young people in Osh.

3. Organize systematic educational-/training-cycles for the target group – linked to democracy, human rights, gender and conflict resolution.

Some of the volunteer leaders and staff of Novi Ritm after a team work session in February 2017