Dear friends of the Novi Ritm and all those who support social development of youth and not only, we would like to get little of your attention ^ – ^

As you know, since April this year, a social coffee shop has been operating in the city of Osh, which seeks to contribute to the social activation of residents and guests of the city. The coffee shop is a platform for everyone, we are open regardless of your gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, language, skin color, weight, age and / or social status. The coffee shop welcomes each of you, despite the difference in opinions & values.

For several months, the social coffee shop has been a place for healthy and nice leisure. We have interesting informal events like board games, quizzes, poetry and music evenings, yoga sessions, talks about human rights, feminism & environment, motivational meetings with well-known people who are also trying to develop the country. The coffee shop also hosts trainings and workshops of various formats. For our visitors, drinking coffee and tea is just a good occasion for meetings, discussions of ideas, exchanging of views on everything that is possible, discovering of something new. 

All of the above events are initiated and conducted by local youth themselves – volunteers and members of our organization, or simply those who are interested in non-formal education of youth and children. Initially, our coffee shop is supposed to create an opportunity for young people to finance their initiatives through the proceeds from the sale of coffee, tea and snacks (and some paid events). But due to the lack of a coffee consuming culture or people’s interest in supporting socially significant initiatives at the local level, we are now risking to  close the platform. But the risk can be prevented/managed, we can do it with your support.

How? What could you do? 

You could simply become part of our crowdfunding campaign, the purpose of which is to support the social coffee shop by organizing a series of paid events in which you could take part and contribute to the financial stability of the coffee shop.

What events could you attend?

  • New Year’s Eve (100 p.)

  • An evening of live music (50 p.)

  • Birthday of the New Rhythm (we are 6 years old) (100-150 p.)

  • An evening of cultures (Poland, Sweden and Kyrgyzstan), etc. (50 – 100 s. Or just buying coffee)

What else could you do if you cannot attend events?

  • You could borrow a book from the coffee shop library instead of buying a new one. Thus, you also make a contribution to the environment. How exactly? (read here)

  • You could use the second-hand store located in the  our office (read more here).

OR you can simply transfer money to the  our account, indicating which event you would like to see in the coffee shop, the amount does not matter. Even if you have the opportunity to send 10 KGS (not even dollars), then do it. Details are indicated below.

All the money we will receive,  will be directed to the further work of the coffee shop as a platform for youth initiatives (electricity, salary of the waiter, barista and PR manager, the purchase of the necessary ingredients for the preparation of coffee, tea and some snacks). 

Friends, we rely on you and, of course, we will be grateful for any support from your side!

With solidarity,

Novi Ritm Team 

P.S. This is a temporary solution to the expected problem, we will also look for other options. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, we will be glad to hear them. You can contact us through our e-mail. address or other social channels as Facebook page, for example.