From April 16 to April 20, 2019, we held 4 days educational camp for girls under the name “KYZDYN KYRK CHACHI ULUU” within the FRIDA project, with  23 girls participation from all regions of the country  who were courageous and not indifferent to social problems.

This camp was remembered with full of vivid emotions that both the participants and the organizational team. During  4 days, the participants held educational, productive and interesting, and most importantly, sessions necessary for solving current social problems, such as:

  • Sessions on Human Rights, Women’s Labor Rights and Non-Discrimination
  • Gender, feminism and gender stereotypes
  • Reproductive and sexual rights of women
  • Security and self-defense

And much more.

Also, an important aspect of the camp was the development of creative skills in girls, through workshops on creating thematic comics and stencils, social theater and dancing. Daily morning exercises and yoga charged us all with a good mood for the whole day.

Each participant was special and was able to acquire not only knowledge, but also new friends-sisters.

After the end of the camp, the participants did not stop to keep in touch with the Novi Ritm and other participants. At the end of the camp participants shared with knowledge and information that they received during the camp, conducted sessions / trainings for their friends and classmates in their communities which made us very happy.