In December 2016 Novi Ritm with the support of Saferworld and Foundation for Tolerance International (FTI) organized an Academy on Gender Norms in Osh in order to highlight the widely spread problems of gender inequality and discrimination based on sex in Kyrgyzstan. As an organization working with youth targeting Southern Kyrgyzstan, the goal of the Academy was to gather youth from Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken in order to raise awareness related to gender issues but also to create and share tools that can help solve problems based on gender.

In October 2017, also with the support of Saferworld and FTI, Novi Ritm implemented the second Academy of Gender Norms for youth from the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, the result of which is Zin “Discover the City of Osh through the Eyes of Activists” – a magazine that combines comics and drawings of Academy participants which was presented for citizens of Osh city.

In December 2018, the third Academy was held in a daily format and was supported by the UNITE Kyrgyzstan network. The Academy coincided with the implementation of the global 16-day campaign against violence related to girls and women. This year’s agenda was “Hear Me Too” and it  called on the entire world community to join forces in the fight against all forms and types of violence regarding girls and women. 

The uniqueness of the Academy of Gender Norms is to use of unusual methods and approaches. Young people gain knowledge through drawing comics, debating and creating media products, they get acquainted with specialists who directly or indirectly work with the issues of violence against girls and women. Also, an important component of these camps is a friendly and open atmosphere, predisposing to rapprochement and raising team spirit.