Academy of Gender Norms in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Actually, problems based on gender have been widely spread in Kyrgyzstan, especially in the Southern part of the country since people are too depended on the gender norms that are being shared with them from their childhood.

We as a youth organization working for/with youth have analyzed the situation of gender based issues and decided for ourselves that we should firstly work with youth: raise their awareness related to gender issues and share the tools to solve the problems based on gender.

Accordingly, there has been initiated an academy focused on gender norms from December 7 to 12, 2016. The event has been organized by the Public Union “Novi Ritm” and supported by the international organization Saferworld in Osh and non-governmental organization FTI. The goal of the academy was increasing the level of awareness of youth aged 14-28 concerning the issues based on gender norms, gender in general. One of the main goals of the event was also teaching the basic tools like social debates, comics and stencils through which young people could contribute to solution of the gender problems in the society they live in.


 “The academy itself is a good idea. It will surely help us to learn more about gender, gender norms and stereotypes. Before I had an idea about gender equality but never thought about norms based on gender. Now I know what gender norms are – says 16-year-old girl from Osh




Academy of gender norms is being implemented well, it is interesting. I personally learned more about gender equality, actually I knew about it but now I have changed my point and attitude. I will change the way I speak with girls, for example, I will now speak nicer to them”says  a 16-year-old boy from Jalal-Abad 

“We truly believe that the academy had a great impact on youth since they are now aware of the important issues related to gender. They also know what tools to use while just being a part of the gender based problems solution process. We believe that these kinds of activities will be held regularly so that the other young people could get involved and we could change the society: from the society full of gender norms to the society full of potential youth who will be fighting against gender norms, gender inequality, striving for social equality”-says one of the representatives of the PU “Novi Ritm”    




Written by: Ainagul Amatbekova

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