About us

The Public Union Novi Ritm is an religiously and politically unbound, non-governmental, youth based organization, registered on January 27th, 2014 in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.
Our vision is a peaceful, democratic and equal Kyrgyzstan, where everybody’s voices are heard and there exists no discrimination. We want to promote an active, influential and diverse civil society in order to foster active citizens, by widening the horizons of future generations in order to facilitate a society in which all human rights are respected.
In order to do so we aim at creating a social meeting places for young people, and to support them in developing their leadership skills through encouraging their initiatives.  We want to offer youth the tools and possibilities to critically analyze and identify issues that matters to them and people in their surroundings. By inspiring youth through qualitative and informal learning opportunities, we want to encourage sustainable social engagement in society and widen the horizons of younger generations living in Kyrgyzstan. 
Novi Ritm is centered around a joint Activity House “Our house” and office in central Osh. In this house youth from all over Osh as well as from the surrounding rural areas can come to discuss and develop their ideas and knowledge – either by participating in thematic trainings/workshops or in various social groups. Most of our trainings/workshops and social groups are based on a “trainer to trainer” approach, which means that we provide trainings and opportunities for self-education in order to gain knowledge about topics that will then be passed on to others.
We believe that by listening to young people and their ideas as well as by giving them responsibility to cultivate and conduct these, young people can develop not only their personal leadership skills, but also grow as individuals and become active participants in society, while gaining knowledge on new topics that they’re interested in.
We also hope that the knowledge our volunteers and participants gain trough taking part in our organization will create a ripple effect, spreading through our society via outreaches to schools, civil society and duty-bearers.