A Moment with Baktygul Kozhosheva

“We see that we can do what we want and what we dream of!”

Monday a week ago, 15 year old Baktygul Kozhosheva visits “Our House”. At school, she is in 10th grade and has recently become a volunteer at Novi Ritm. When asked about her hobbies, she laughs and says “I can say that I am really a very active girl”, and I can do nothing but agree. Apart from studying she practices dancing, goes to the swimming pool, walks and talks to friends and, if she has time, she loves reading books. What is even more amazing with this young woman is that she still has time and motivation to come to Novi Ritm, both to participate in different trainings and set activities in motion.

Like most ordinary teenagers, she lives with her family. It consists of her mother and father, and two sisters – one older and one younger. Her father travels a lot with work and is currently in Jalal-Abad, which sometimes makes her sad because she misses him a lot. This young woman has a strong relationship with her parents, and still has a strong will and big dreams.

Baktygul tells me that she had known about the organization for two years through friends, but did not actually join Novi Ritm until six months ago. During her first months she participated in different trainings and joined some of the active clubs – one of them being the English Movie Club, which is now held on Mondays. She also took part in the comics group, and admits shyly “but my secret is that I don’t know how to draw”. We laugh together as a reaction to her honesty, but I quickly add that she was very brave to take part in something she seems insecure about. As a reply to that, she says with no question:

“Here [at Novi Ritm] people learn how to be kind and generous persons.”

She continues with explaining that she always felt welcome and that people at the organization has been very good to her, which makes it easier to be honest and happy. In school, especially in her grade, they are expected to study hard, but as she says herself, being active outside of school is also important. At Novi Ritm, she explains to me that she gets a lot of new information which is not typically taught in school, and that it is “cool” that young people get to learn from each other. Baktygul also points out that the organization is a source of inspiration for her:

“We see that we can do what we want and what we dream off!”

Which is why in early September, she decided to apply to become a volunteer – and she was accepted! Baktygul is nothing less than a great asset to the organization and has recently taken on a lot of responsibility in restarting the Young Debater’s Club, and she admits that debating is her passion:

“When we learn debating, we learn to explain what’s in our mind and that’s how we can solve our problems.”

This makes it important to her, not only at the organization but also in real life. Especially when considering her greatest dream – having a successful carrier in the military as a lawyer. She also aspires to travel and see the world, and hopes to be accepted for an exchange program to Sweden in the spring, which would be the first time she travels without her parents. When I ask Baktygul if she has something left that she wants to add before we finish, she tells me she is grateful for all the people around her, including the people she meets at Novi Ritm, and I it would not surprise me if this young lady manage to accomplish all of her goals and aspirations in life!

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