“ 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence in Osh, Kyrgyzstan”

As we know, there has been taken place 16 Days Campaign against gender violence all over the world. Within this campaign there have been arranged different kinds of activities concerning Gender Issues in many countries of the world, and the countries of Central Asia also demonstrated their support for this significant event.
There was conducted three-days-camp for girls and young women in Osh, Kyrgyzstan from 4 to 6 of December 2015. The camp was organized by the Public Union “Novi Ritm”. The main goal of the camp was to empower girls and to strengthen the trust between girls in order to prove that there should not be any competiton between girls.
During the camp there where held various educational trainings and workshops where all participants were able to get useful for them information concerning Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Self-Rating, Domestic and Gender Violence.
There were more than 25 participants who were deeply involved in Gender Issues and who got highly motivated during the camp.
When the trainings finished, girls were asked to share their thoughts on the camp with each other. Here what they said: “ I am happy because I was able to find new friends during the camp. I would like to keep in touch with all the participants of the camp”, “ The trainings were very educational personally for me since many things were completely new for me. Thanks to the people who gave us this opportunity”, etc…
Written by: Ainagul Amatbekova

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